Fluke TiX580 Infrared Camera

Brand: Fluke Corporation

Does everyone in the plant turn to you? Are you the one who quickly can collect facts, understand issues and mold process and procedures to meet expensive decisions head-on?

If so, you need an infrared camera that is as flexible and detail oriented as you are.

That is why the TiX580 should always be within arm’s reach.

From quality assurance to preventive maintenance and outdoor inspections, everyday can bring a different environment and a different challenge for your thermal imager.

With an unsurpassed level of detail in every infrared image and the ability to capture quality images of objects whether they are tiny and close to large and far overhead.

The ergonomic design and neck strap make long inspection days easier.

Outside the rotating screen lets you adjust to minimize glare and the touchscreen delivers a premium in-field viewing experience.

The TiX580 has the tools accommodate your environment.
  • Rugged, superbly engineered 640 x 480 thermal imaging camera
  • Provides large 5.7-inch responsive LCD touchscreen with 150% more viewing area than 3.5-inch screen
  • Features 240° rotating screen for unmatched shooting flexibility
  • Provides 4x the pixel data with on-camera SuperResolution to create a 1280 x 960 resolution image
  • Subject to Export Control


IFOV with Standard Lens

  • 0.93 mRad, D: S 1065: 1

Detector Resolution

  • 640 x 480 - 307,200 pixels

Digital Zoom

  • 2x, 4x, and 8x

Temperature Measurement Range

  • -20° C to 1000° C
  • -4° F to 1832° F


  • ± 2° C or 2 %

Thermal Sensitivity

  • ≤ 0.05° C at 30° C target temperature

Frame Rate

  • 60 Hz or 9 Hz versions

Infrared Spectral Band

  • 7.5 μm to 14 μm

Operating Temperature

  • -10° C to +50° C
  • 14° F to 122° F

Relative Humidity

  • 10 % to 95 % Non-Condensing


  • IEC 61010-1: Overvoltage Category II, Pollution Degree 2

Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • IEC 61326-1: Basic EM environment. CISPR 11: Group 1, Class A

Australian RCM

  • IEC 61326-1


  • CFR 47, Part 15 Subpart B


  • 25 g, IEC 60068-2-29

Enclosure Rating

  • IEC 60529: IP54
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