Mark 74 Series Bellows Seal Control Valve

Brand: Jordan Valve

The Mark 74 provides long-term, leak-free performance when fugitive emissions are a primary concern.

The Mark 74 offers exceptional bellows life with a valve stroke that is just a fraction of that of other rising stem valves. This means Jordan Valve can use a smaller formed bellows that has minimal movement during operation.

The Mark 74 controls fugitive emissions while reducing the risks associated with toxic, corrosive, explosive, and high temperature fluids.
  • Long bellows life—In lab tests the Mark 74 exceeded 2 million cycles with no bellows failure.
  • Short stroke—Valve stroke is just a fraction of other rising stem valves allowing for minimal movement during operation.
  • Fully packed back-up seal for additional assurance. A secondary chamber of multiple packing rings provides extra leakage protection.
  • Detection/monitoring port—A gauge can be mounted to verify bellows performance.


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