Fluke Ti480 PRO Infrared Camera

Brand: Fluke Corporation

It’s a dilemma. Preventive and predictive maintenance rounds must be done, however when conditions are harsh, there is no margin for error.

Accurate measurements need to be captured the first time. Don’t go out unprepared. The Fluke Ti480 PRO is designed to work in the toughest industries.

The rugged, pistol grip design of this camera allows the thermographer to focus on their surroundings rather than the camera.

Clip it to your pack and climb a ladder – the camera can take it. Even after that type of a climb you can capture a surprising level of detail with the high thermal sensitivity, allowing you to isolate the smallest temperature anomalies.

Display these temperature differences in SuperResolution mode – get 4x the standard resolution and analyze your thermal images in more detail than ever before.

Never miss a temperature anomaly again, capture in-focus images throughout the field of view with MultiSharp.

While you may not need all these features on a daily basis, they are essential when diagnosing mission critical equipment.

When you need to get the right image the first time, reach for the Fluke Ti480 PRO.
  • Increased sensitivity to visualize temperature differences
  • Easier to visualize and diagnose issues with sharper onscreen images, multiple rectangle markers and 9 color palettes
  • More intuitive visual interface, improved, user-tested, touch screen interface
  • More flexibility to visualize target, tiny-to-large with interchangeable smart lenses - no calibration required, 2x and 4x telephoto, wide angle and macro lens compatibility
  • Capture a clear, accurate image focused throughout the field of view with MultiSharp™ Focus
  • Get an instant in-focus image of your designated target. LaserSharp® Auto Focus uses a built-in laser distance meter that calculates and displays the distance from your designated target.


IFOV with Standard Lens

  • 0.93 mRad, D: S 1065: 1

Detector Resolution

  • 640 x 480

Infrared Resolution

  • 307,200 pixels

MultiSharp™ Focus

  • Yes, focused near and far, throughout the field of view

LaserSharp® Auto Focus

  • Yes, for consistently in-focus images

Ruggedized Touchscreen Display

  • 3.5 inch (landscape) 640 x 480 LCD

Temperature Measurement Range

  • ≤ -20° C to 1000° C
  • -4° F to 1832° F


  • ± 2° C or 2 %

Thermal Sensitivity

  • ≤ 0.05° C at 30° C

Spand Range

  • 2° C to 3° C

Frame Rate

  • 60 Hz or 9 Hz versions

Infrared Spectral Band

  • 7.5 μm to 14 μm

Operating Temperature

  • -10° C to +50° C
  • 14° F to 122° F


  • IEC 61010-1: Overvoltage Category II, Pollution Degree 2

Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • IEC 61326-1: Basic EM environment. CISPR 11: Group 1, Class A

Australian RCM

  • IEC 61326-1


  • CFR 47, Part 15 Subpart B


  • 0.03 g2/Hz (3.8 g), 2.5 g IEC 60068-2-6

Enclosure Rating

  • IEC 60529: IP54

  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Electrical, Water and Gas Utilities
  • Metallurgy
  • Glass Manufacturing
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