40 mm & 50 mm Liquid Filled Severe Service Gauge

Brand: Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies

Marsh 40 mm and 50 mm Liquid Filled Severe Service Gauges are a family of liquid filled gauges, expressly designed to provide reliable pressure measurements in harsh and demanding industrial and OEM environments, particularly where pulsation and vibration are a concern.

The 40 mm and 50 mm Liquid Filled Severe Service Gauges are filled with glycerin to offer a dampening effect, while reducing pointer flutter, as well as offering significant shock reduction to instrument-grade components. They also lubricate internal components, effectively reducing risk of corrosion.

The liquid-filled gauges feature a ventable top fill plug and can be mounted on either a horizontal or vertical plane. 40 mm and 50 mm Liquid Filled Severe Service Gauges are hermetically sealed for reliable operation in harsh or dirty environments, while reducing the chance of leaks and ease of refilling in the field.
  • Copper Alloy Internals 
  • Glycerine Filled 
  • Center Back Mount Only



  • ± 2.5 % of Range across full scale

Case Sizes

  • 40 or 50 mm diameter

Case Material

  • 304 Stainless Steel

Case Style

  • CB - Center Back Mount

Tube & Socket

  • Copper Alloy Tube with Nickel-Plated Brass Socket


  • Brass


  • 1⁄8” NPT & 1⁄4” NPT


  • 15 to 160 psi

Dial Standard

  • Triple scale psi/bar/kPa

Dial Color

  • Black Markings on White


  • Aluminum, Black Painted


  • Acrylic

Fill Medium

  • Glycerine Standard


  • Standard, all Ranges

Vent Plug

  • Filler/pressure relief plug

Temperature Limits

  • -4° to 140° F (Filled)


  • 40 mm: 0.5 lb
  • 50 mm 0.5 lb

  • Refineries & Chemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Marine 
  • OEM Processes

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