FQPV2 Mass Flow Controller

Brand: Proportion-Air, Inc

The FQPV2 mass flow controller utilizes a super fast analog PID to drive an electric current to a true proportional solenoid valve in order to vary the media flow rate.

The mass flow of the media is quickly detected by the F-series mass flow transducer and the electric signal is provided to the PID control circuit.

This high speed mass flow controller is a complete package consisting of a proportional flow control solenoid valve, mass flow transducer, and high speed PID control circuit to close the loop.

All you need to provide is source air pressure, power and an electronic control signal.


Maximum Inlet Pressure

  • 150 psi (10.34 bar)


  • ± 4 % of Full Scale


  • ± 0.25 % of Full Scale

Lowest Control Flow

  • 4 - 40 SCFH (1.89-18.9 LPM)

Port Size

  • 1/8” NPT (BSPP Available)


  • Immune to Shock & Vibration (up to 20 Gs)

Ambient Temperature

  • 32° to 158° F (0° to 70° C)

Media Temperatures

  • 32° to 122° F (0° to 50° C)

Turn-Down Ratio

  • 10:1


  • 40 micron

Power Requirement

  • 17-24 Vdc


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