F5 Switch Box

Brand: Flowserve PMV Palmstiernas

The F5 switch box is a feedback system offering the ability to add switches (mechanical or proximity), a potentiometer or a 4-20 mA transmitter to the P5/EP5 Analog positioners.

Intrinsically safe and explosion-proof enclosure versions available.
  • Wide range of limit switches and 4-20 mA feedback.
  • Reliable operation provided by a compact and sturdy design with vibration resistance.
  • Optimal performance resulting from a cam and spindle that are not splined to achieve 100 percent resolution, which can be critical when used on control valves.
  • Application versatility owning to a wide range of limit switches and modular standard or explosion-proof housings that need no special mounting pieces.
  • Flat or dome indicator available.



  • Explosion-proof Housing
  • Standard Housing
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