Fluke v3001 FC Wireless DC Voltage Module

Brand: Fluke Corporation

All the facts, right in the field. The Fluke v3001 FC Wireless DC Voltage Module is one member of a family of wireless test tools that let you share test data using the Fluke Connect® app with ShareLive™ video call.

Fluke Connect Wireless Test Tools put tools, not your body, near live electrical panels. 

It's simple. Connect the v3001 FC wireless DC voltage module, or any of the other Fluke Connect remote modules, and read the results on the Fluke Connect Wireless Multimeter or a portable PC from a safe distance.

Better still, the Fluke Connect test tools can send measurement data to your smartphone, so you can save and share measurements from the field with your team anytime, from anywhere.
  • Measure up to 1000 VDC
  • Use as a standalone meter or as part of the system
  • Use the logging function for recording and saving up to 65,000 readings


mV DC Function

  • Range: 600 mV
  • Resolution: 0.1 mV
  • Accuracy: 0.09 % + 3

VDC Function

  • Range: 6.0 to 600 V
  • Resolution:
  • Accuracy: 0.09 % +3

RF Communication Range

  • Open air, unobstructed: Up to 20 m
  • Obstructed, sheetrock wall: Up to 6.5 m
  • Obstructed, concrete wall or steel electrical enclosure: Up to 3.5 m

Operating Temperature

  • -10° C to +50° C


  • IEC 61236-1, Portable

Safety Compliance

  • IEC 61010-1, 600 V CAT IV / 1000 V CAT III, 3rd edition, Pollution Degree 2


  • CSA
  • CE
  • FCC
  • T68-FBLE IC
  • 6627A-FBLE

Ingress Protection

  • IP42
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