2404/2408 Furnace & Kiln Atmosphere Controller

Brand: Eurotherm
Does not ship to United States

The 2404/2408 Atmosphere controllers provide accurate display and control of the carbon level in steel hardening furnaces or ceramic glazing kilns.

They connect directly to a zirconia probe which measures the % oxygen in the furnace.

The carbon level is calculated from the oxygen reading and temperature of the probe.

An optional third Analog input can continuously measure the CO or H content to correct the carbon reading or dewpoint calculation.
  • Direct connection to most types of zirconia probe
  • Control of carbon potential, % oxygen or dewpoint
  • CO or Hydrogen compensation input
  • Sooting and probe health alarms
  • Probe clean output
  • Profibus-DP or modbus communications
  • Two point calibration of probe EMF, probe temp and calculated PV



Approvals & Certifications

  • CE
  • cUL Listed (File E57766)
  • EMC Emissions & Immunity: BS EN 61326
  • GOST

Environmental Protection

  • IP65
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