Series 200 & 300 Durablock Solid Plastic Stationary Gauge

Brand: Dwyer Instruments, LLC

Dwyer® SERIES 200 & 300 solid plastic stationary gauges, or draft gages, are offered in inclined and vertical (well-type) styles for highly accurate laboratory or general industrial service, for measurement of low range gas and air pressures, positive, negative or differential.

To assure the accuracy required in instruments of this type, all machining of bores and wells is to the highest standards of precision backed by Dwyer's years of experience in the fabrications of acrylic instruments..
  • 1" Thick Acrylic Plastic Body is a solid block, virtually unbreakable, stable and free of the danger of distortion.
  • Drilled Bore Accurate to ±.0002" free of bends or crooks, will not require recalibration because of distortion.
  • Selected Gage Fluid with high wetability characteristics forms a consistent, well shaped meniscus for most accurate readability.
  • Adjustable Reflective Polished Aluminum Scales with thumbscrew locking for easy zeroing.
  • Parallax-Free Reading for maximum accuracy and consistency is achieved by simply aligning the meniscus with its image reflected in the scale.
  • Over-Pressure Safety Traps prevent loss of fluid due to over range pressures or surges in pressure. (Not required on No. 215.)
  • Leveling Adjustment for inclined style gages is achieved by simply loosening a locking thumb screw on the side or bottom of the gage, adjusting with reference to the integral sensitive ground glass bubble level and retightening.
  • Heavy Gage Steel Mounting Panels are gray hammerloid finished.
  • Precision Built assures device meets the highest standards



  • ± 2 % of Full Scale

Enclosure, Body Material

  • Plastic


  • Scale: 11-1/8”
  • Scale: 13-1/4”
  • Scale: 20”
  • Scale: 6”
  • Scale: 8-1/4”
  • Scale: 8-3/4”


  • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate

Pressure Range

  • Inches WC: -0.2 to 10

Temperature Range

  • 65° C (150° F)

  • Low pressure laboratory and industrial service applications
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