255BF PAC Base Unit for T2550

Brand: Eurotherm
Does not ship to United States

The base unit is fitted with the T2550 PAC I/O controller modules plus additional I/O modules. 

These modules plug onto terminal units, which provide the wiring interface between the plant or machine and the I/O modules. 

Bases are available in 5 sizes to suit the number of modules required in a particular system.

Communication between the I/O modules and the processor is effected by the use of a passive internal module I/O bus running the width of the base. 

Each module position is tracked separately for additional security during live replacement of I/O modules


Environmental Protection

  • IP20


  • Bulk-Head Mounting
  • DIN Rail Mounting (EN 50022-35 x 7.5 or 35 x 15)
  • Horizontal or Vertical

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