EPACK-2PH Compact SCR Power Controllers

Brand: Eurotherm
Does not ship to United States

EPack 2-PH is the latest generation of power controllers designed to be an effective solution for the control of 3 phase loads.

The 2 leg control is particularly adapted to the control of balanced loads, directly, or through transformers.

Burst firing avoids generation of harmonics and reduces the consumption of reactive power.

The scalability and configurability of EPack fits with the requirements of each application.

A wide range of alarms can quickly identify a controller detected fault which reduces downtime.
  • Nominal load current from 1 to 125 A
  • Voltage up to 500 V
  • Compact DIN Rail and bulkhead mounting
  • Configurable via Eurotherm iTools (PC software) or front panel
  • Plug and play Ethernet communications with Zero configuration networking (zeroconf)
  • V², I² or True power control
  • Controls comprehensive range of loads: resistive, infrared, transformer primary, silicon Carbide
  • Energy usage measurement
  • Advanced load diagnostics
  • Integrated dual port Ethernet switch for "daisy chained" communications
  • Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP or Profinet protocols
  • Defend OEM knowledge and IP (OEM security)



Approvals & Certifications

  • CCC
  • CE According to EN 60947-4-3: 2014
  • CSA
  • EAC
  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, Emission, Immunity: EN 60947-4-3: 2014
  • IEC 60947-4-3: 2014, 61131-2
  • LVD 2014/35/EU
  • UL 60947-4-1



Environmental Protection

  • IP20

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