ASCO 615 Series Servotronic Digital Valve

Brand: ASCO

The ASCO 615 Series Servotronic Digital is a highly dynamic 3-way proportional valve with digital control that is designed for applications with constant air or neutral gas flow.

The combination of innovative pneumatic technology, high-precision mechanics, and modern electronics allows for quick control of pressure in relation to a signal received from the controlling electronics. 

The valve is provided with a precision-lapped steel spool and sleeve with a hardened and tempered surface enabling very high pulse frequencies and extremely short response times.

Control loop parameters are easily configured and optimized for specific customer requirements using Numatics Data Acquisition Software (DaS) and a PC connection.
  • Compact monobloc construction with integrated electronics and sensor.
  • High reliability and long service life due to precision mechanics combined with simple control technology.
  • Valve components designed to provide control at an extremely low hysteresis.
  • Intelligent digital communication enables simple operation.
  • DaS software allows selection of personalized settings to optimize control loop performance.




  • 3-Way - 3/2 Normally Closed


  • Air, Inert Gas, Oxygen, Vacuum

Operating Environment

  • Indoor

Pipe / Port Size

  • 3/8”

Port Type

  • G ISO 228 / 1-G BSPP

Standards & Regulations

  • IP65

Valve Actuation

  • Proportional
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