Series LPG4 2.5" Low Pressure Gauge

Brand: Dwyer Instruments, LLC

Our Series LPG4 gauges offer top of the line performance and accuracy for pressure and vacuum applications up to and including 160 Inches WC.

The LPG4 is constructed from a single beryllium-copper diaphragm affixed to a precision-machined brass plate.

This innovative design, together with a high-precision, milled-teeth brass movement and nickel-silver pinion and bearing surface, provide the user with a top of the line low pressure instrument.
  • Low pressure gauge provides a selection to meet specific applications
  • Specified with high ambient and process temperature ratings mean more robust uses and longer service-life
  • High accuracy gauge for applications requiring more precise measurement is a concern



  • ± 1.5 % of Full Scale

Ambient Temperature Range

  • -40° to 60° C (-40° to 140° F)


  • Air Flow Indication
  • Draft Measurement
  • Liquid Level

Enclosure, Body Material

  • Drawn Steel

Environmental Protection

  • IP54
  • NEMA 3


  • Polycarbonate (Removable)


  • Compatible Gases
  • Compatible Liquids


  • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate

NPT Connection

  • 1/4” NPT Male

Pressure Range

  • Inches WC: -235 to 160

Pressure Type

  • Gauge
  • Vacuum

Process Temperature

  • -40° to 70° C (-40° to 158° F)


  • Gauge: 2-1/2”

Wetted Materials

  • Beryllium Copper
  • Brass

  • Air Flow Indication
  • Liquid Level
  • Draft Measurement
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