Numatics 435 Series Round Cylinders

Brand: ASCO

The ASCO Numatics Series 435 is a line of round pneumatic cylinders that meets the ISO 6432 standard.

With a stainless steel barrel and rod, the cylinder has excellent resistance to corrosive media. It is well suited for packaging, press room and metal stamping, automotive, and tire manufacturing applications. For improved product performance, wider range of options and short lead times, select an AVENTICS MNI cylinder instead.
  • Double-acting cylinders with or without pneumatic cushioning
  • Compact threaded mount for direct attachment of front or rear covers on machine
  • Mountings integrated in the front and MP4 cap in the rear cover for trunnion mounting
  • Equipped for magnetic position detectors
  • Equipped for magnetic position detectors
  • Cylinders are NRL Series rod-lock compatible
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