FLOWSIC150 Carflow Gas Flow Measuring Instrument

Brand: Sick AG

FLOWSIC150 Carflow offers first-class performance in combination with a compact design.

This combination of state-of-the-art sensor technology and powerful electronics enables excellent measurement accuracy for exhaust gas temperatures up to 600° C.

The ultrasonic measurement principle generates no pressure loss, has no moving parts, and works independently of pressure, temperature, and gas composition, ensuring reliable, low-maintenance operation.

Due to the direct measurement of the undiluted exhaust gas, FLOWSIC150 Carflow is easy to install, largely non-reactive, and ideally suited for flexible exhaust gas measurement on vehicle and engine test benches.
  • High measured data quality thanks to high measurement accuracy
  • Reliable flow measurement even under minimal flow and during idling
  • Reliable operation thanks to high exhaust gas temperature design
  • Versatile concept – ideal for use on existing test benches
  • Low cost of investment thanks to mobile application with various test benches
  • Convenient installation without feedback on engine characteristics and exhaust gas analysis systems
  • Extended operating time through patented sensor cooling
  • Low operating costs thanks to minimal maintenance requirements



Measured Value

  • Gas Velocity, Volumetric Flow a. c., Volumetric Flow s. c.
  • Gas Temperature
  • Gas Pressure
  • Sound Velocity

Certifications & Approvals

  • CE

Gas Temperature

  • ≤ 600° C

Operating Pressure

  • 700 to 1,300 mbar


  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus
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