Positioners - 73 P/P - Built In Valve Positioner

Brand: Cashco, Inc

The Moore Series 73 Built-in Valve Positioners use the full force of their air supply to drive and maintain the piston or diaphragm in a pneumatic actuator to position a valve to what is required by a control instrument, regardless of the presence of forces that change valve position.

This line of compact instruments incorporates a single-axis, force-balance principle of operation to ensure accurate and stable control valve positioning. 

In all cases, including bottom-loading applications, a Model 73 Built-In Valve Positioner is mounted directly on the topwork of the valve, with no external levers or other exposed mechanisms.
  • Single-axis, force-balance principle of operation, ensures accurate and stable positioning
  • Feedback circuits direct the actuator’s position, ensuring adherence to the control instrument signal
  • Range spring capability accommodates a wide variety of valve strokes and instrument spans


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