FLOWSIC600 DRU Gas Flow Meter

Brand: Sick AG

The innovative FLOWSIC600 DRU gas flow meter for upstream applications based on the FLOWSIC600.

With a measuring range of up to 150:1 (Increasing measurement uncertainty at flow speeds of less than 0.9 m/s), the FLOWSIC600 DRU also covers flow ranges that previously required several orifice plates.

Low manufacturing tolerances and wet-gas tolerant ultrasonic sensors ensure consistently low measurement uncertainty, even under challenging conditions.

SICK therefore makes it possible to skip the otherwise common cost-intensive high-pressure flow calibration.

The FLOWSIC600 DRU enables real-time diagnostics of devices and processes and is virtually maintenance-free - even with high liquid loads.
  • Low initial investment – precise measurement without an expensive high-pressure flow calibration
  • Low subsequent investments – no costly measurement station upgrades or orifice plate changeovers thanks to the wide measuring range
  • Lower operating costs – long maintenance-free operation, and servicing only when required as indicated by remote diagnostics
  • High reliability thanks to real time monitoring of all device diagnostics data
  • Extended process monitoring with unique wet gas detection feature
  • Better measurement accuracy than orifice measurements under wet gas conditions
  • Long service life thanks to the moisture- and contamination-resistant encapsulated ultrasonic sensors




  • CE
  • cCSAus

Enclosure Rating

  • IP66
  • IP67

Measured Value

  • Volumetric Flow a. c., Volume a. c., Gas Velocity, Sound Velocity

Number of Measuring Path

  • 2

Hazardous Area

  • Class I, Div. 1
  • Class I, Div. 2

Gas Temperature

  • -40° to 85° C

Operating Pressure

  • 0 to 102 bar(g) at 38° C
  • 0 to 95 bar(g) at 85° C

Nominal Pipe Size

  • 3” / 4” / 6” Schedule 80
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