ASCO 262-S Series General Service Solenoid Valve

Brand: ASCO

The ASCO Series 262/263, also known as 8262/8263, is a line of 2-way general service and specialty service solenoid valves available in brass or stainless steel.

These rugged valves handle media such as air/inert gas, water, hot water, steam, light oil, fuel gas, fuel oil, and cryogenic fluids.

The 262/263 Series are suitable for commercial and industrial applications such as car wash systems, dishwashing and laundry equipment, pumps, compressors, boilers, burners, food processing and many others.
  • Resilient materials provide long service life and low internal leakage
  • Welded core tube provides higher pressure ratings
  • Wide range of elastomers for specialty service applications
  • Wide range of pressure ratings, sizes, and resilient materials provides long service life and low internal leakage
  • Reliable and proven in use design with high flow and pressure ratings
  • Lead-free versions available for Safe Drinking Water Act compliance
  • Low-temperature models control cryogenic fluids, including liquid nitrogen (-320° F/-194° C), liquid argon (-303° F/-184° C), and liquid oxygen (-297° F/-181° C)
  • Mountable in any position
  • Tapped mounting holes in body standard
  • Wide range of standard AC and DC voltages
  • A full range of globally approved explosion-proof enclosures are available with this series
  • Small poppet valves allow tight shutoff



Body Material

  • Brass, Stainless Steel


  • From 0.5 Cv to 1.0 Cv, from 0.1 Cv to 0.5 Cv, from .05-.1 Cv


  • 2-Way - 2/2 Normally Closed, 2-Way - 2/2 Normally Open


  • Aggressive Liquids & Gases, Air, Inert Gas, Ammonia, Cryogenic, Fuel Oil, Hot Water, Light Oil, Liquid Propane Gas, Natural Gas, Oxygen, Steam, Vacuum, Water

Operating Environment

  • Corrosive, Hazardous, Indoor, Outdoor

Pipe / Port Size

  • 1/8, 1/4, 3/8

Port Type

  • Female NPT

Standards & Regulations

  • Class I, Div. 1, Class I, Div. 2, Class II, Div. 1, Class II, Div. 2, CSA, Typical 1, Typical 2, Typical 3, Typical 3R, Typical 3S, Typical 4, Typical 4X, Typical 6, Typical 6P, Typical 7, Typical 9, UL

Valve Actuation

  • Solenoid, Solenoid - Direct-Acting, Solenoid - Latching


  • 100 to 240 AC/DC Voltage Ranging, 110 AC, 115 AC, 12 DC, 12 to 24 DC Voltage Ranging, 120 AC, 120 DC, 125 DC Battery Charging, 208 AC, 220 AC, 230 AC, 24 AC, 24 DC, 24 to 120 AC/DC Volt - 50, 60


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